Becky’s Story- Leg Pain Journey

Becky Golfing

Before Align

In early July of 2021, I had surgery on my right shoulder (my first experience with surgery from an injury).  In order to compensate for the right shoulder being in a sling I carried some very heavy things in my left arm for a period of three days which left me walking crooked for those three days.  By the end of the third day the symptoms of sciatica were very pronounced.  

I was experiencing an acute case of sciatica in my left leg.  I had numbing and tingling sensations in the toes and heel on my left foot.  The aching in my left leg was very painful to the point where standing for more than five minutes was excruciating.  Sadly, by the time I woke each morning and walked to the kitchen to make coffee I had to sit down.  In the beginning of my sciatica symptoms it took me 2-3 times of getting up to finish making the coffee. I have had disc issues sciatica previously, but never to this point.

Coming to Align

From July of 2021 to February of 2022, I tried several months of physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic care. The chiropractic care made the biggest difference and actually reduced the pain to the point that I could move again.  I reached out to Align in March of 2022 because I was still experiencing symptoms of sciatica.  I believed Align could educate me as to specific exercises to prevent sciatica from inflicting me ever again.  

Life With Align

I joined the online program. I appreciated the experience and education my trainer, Andrea, possessed.  Andrea was non-judgmental, patient and supportive.  If I was asked to do a stretching exercise that was uncomfortable or caused any tingling or numbness, Andrea was quick to respond to my needs.   

The variety of exercises Andrea provided for me was very impressive and helped to maintain a high level of motivation and engagement. The variety of exercises surprised me. Working from literally the foot up and through the neck resulted in my return to normal activities.  

Lastly, I became a believer in what Align is teaching. I am a believer in the fact that I need to maintain regular weekly stretching, exercising, and a high intake of water in order to keep elasticity in my muscles and tendons, and to hydrate my body. Now I have to be diligent in my stretching weekly and not let work and travel for work interfere with my wellness.

Coach Andrea: “Becky put in the work. She brought her equipment with her everywhere she went - camping trips, work trips, Alaska - and she got her exercises in no matter where she was.”

Becky Fishing in Alaska

Life Now

I set three goals for myself at the beginning of my training with Andrea.  Those three goals were to be able to carry 40 lbs without experiencing numbness/tingling, to be able to golf without pain, and to be able to slalom ski again.  I have been a slalom skier my entire life and had to miss the season in 2021.  I am very proud to say I achieved my three goals in just six months!

Giving Advice

I have placed a calendar appointment for myself named “Time for Me” (TFM) and this easy practice has enabled me to be more successful in maintaining physical health and wellness. Invest in yourself.  If we donʻt have physical and emotional health and wellness we are not able to enjoy life to itʻs fullest.  My quote, “A rolling stone gathers no moss!”