Karl & Colina’s Story- Knee & Back Pain Journey

Karl and Colina on a hike

The results have been amazing. It’s been a lot of baby steps over the past year and I still have a ways to go, but I am flexible and pain free enough to be able to get down on the floor to play with my grandkids! We have been traveling around the country a lot over the past couple of years and now I am able to get out and enjoy the places we are visiting instead of sitting in the car all the time!

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Angel’s Story- Neck & Shoulder Pain Journey

Angel in the snow by Mount Shasta

A way Align has changed my life has been by helping me understand how my body works and how to keep it healthy. Here, I have learned a lot about the factors that contribute to the chronic pain we experience, how to prevent it, and what it takes to come out of it.

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Christian’s Story- Mid Back Pain Journey

Christian in the snow with his skis

What I love most about Align are the people and the process. Align is fun- the coaches and the clients. Unlike stuffy, rigid facilities, Align is an open space, playful, and engaging while getting the necessary work done. I like how each client’s program is different and tailored to their current needs and issues of that day. It is fluid, changing, and challenging.

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Jeff’s Story- Low Back Pain Journey

Jeff holding a fish

At first, the exercises were simple, but they were new to me. Activating new and dormant muscles took more brain power than I anticipated, I really had to focus on not using the wrong muscles I had used previously. What I have loved most about my process at Align is how I learned what my pain generators and root causes of my pain were.

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Shannon’s Story- Back and Leg Pain Journey

Shannon at Boston University where she graduated with her masters in social work

I love working out. Over time, my quad became very painful. I tried to blindly follow workout instructions without much body knowledge, as well as avoid pain. I ended up over-emphasizing certain muscle groups and neglected others to the point it became dysfunctional. I remember trying to sit down one day and just tearing my quad.

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Carrie’s Story- Low Back Pain Journey

Carrie on a spin bike

“What I’ve learned is that I was fit, but not strong. Most of us know about our major muscles but give little thought to all the little ones behind the scenes. Without those, we are lopsided and compensated, which causes all sorts of pain problems.”

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Cheryl’s Story- Back Pain Journey

Cheryl and her dog

“Exercise and Cheryl were never in the same sentence! Seeing I am able to move again as I once did is thrilling! I have my life back and I’m looking forward to getting more!”

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Donna’s Story-Strength & Stability Journey

Donna and Her Family

“I searched many gyms in the area and landed at Align. After my consultation with Matthew, I was convinced that my new adventure into the land of trap bars and machines equipped with weights and pulleys was best led by someone who came highly recommended, had conquered a harrowing physical struggle of his own, and possessed an energy that captured my interest. I wanted to be a part of what he was offering.”

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Donella’s Story- Back Pain Journey

Donella On Her Porch

“Working in healthcare opened my eyes to how people destroy their own retirement by not taking care of themselves. My goal has always been health first so I can live my best life as I age. Align has made my life better and easier with more strength and flexibility.”

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Dorothy’s Story-Strength & Stability


I found Align when I was 90 years old, only after my daughter gifted me a two-month membership for my birthday. I wasn’t sure what I could accomplish at 90 years old. I just knew that I wasn’t keeping up with my walking group. I was losing my balance and scared I wouldn’t be able to recover from a fall.

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