matthew lister


Matthew Lister



Matthew Lister, the Founder of Align, spent a decade in severe chronic pain. In high school, he injured himself in P.E. class that resulted in 3 Pars fractures of his spine, as well as a torn disc and nerve damage in his lumbar spine. It took 10 years before he was able to take his life back from chronic pain. That long journey included multiple back surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic therapy, acupuncture therapy, and movement therapy. This journey gave Matthew a unique vantage point. In his words, “I saw that no one field had all the answers and that each person needs a rationale and scientific analysis of their unique situation to match them up with the right tool to fix their unique problem.” Professionally, Matthew studied at the world famous Egoscue Clinic in San Diego and applied his professional and personal experiences to help people in pain. Matthew has built two successful companies in the holistic health space that have impacted tens of thousands of lives. In 2008, he began building Whole Body Fitness in Chico, Ca. into a thriving health business with more than 350 monthly members. Matthew desired to make a more direct impact in the chronic pain epidemic and apply his passion for bio-structural physics and biological load adaptation. In order to accomplish this, he created The Align Method and Founded Align in 2016. He has built Align into a team of 15 highly passionate people, in two locations, and it impacts the lives of almost 300 people every month. 


Creator of The Align Method

Founder of Align

Owner/Operator of Whole Body Fitness

Studied at The Egoscue Institute

ISSA Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist