The Gym That Fixes People In Pain

Align’s founder, Matthew Lister, is intimately acquainted with chronic pain and the world of symptom management.

He founded Align after a decade of struggling with severe chronic back pain from injuries that included three fractured vertebrae, a torn disc, two bulging discs, and damage to his L5 nerve root.

Lots of pain. Lots of doctors. Lots of “solutions” that involved surgeries, pain pills, muscle relaxers, cortisone injections, more physical therapy, another surgery and so on (read Matthew’s full story here).

There is another way!

We use our proven process we call The Align Method to help our clients become PainSmart. We have walked with hundreds of people just like you and helped them identify and fix the root causes of their pain, not just aimlessly and endlessly treat the symptoms.

The Align Method is a way of looking at your unique pain problem, taking your whole-being into account, and walking through a logical, step-by-step, method of fixing the underlying drivers of your pain. Skeptical? We understand, so we have lots of stories to share with you.

What does it mean to be pain smart?

What if there was a way to fix your chronic pain without pills, injections or surgeries?

What if you could find and fix the root cause of your pain?

What if you could get your life back and not be limited by your pain?

What if you didn’t have to be alone In your pain journey?

How Painsmart are you?