Mary's Story - Sciatica Pain Journey

Mary hiking in the redwoods

Before Align 

I had been experiencing  several severe bouts of sciatic pain over the past couple years before coming to Align. The first time I had found relief was after going to physical therapy for several months and doing a series of exercises. The following year the sciatic pain returned with increased severity. Though I found some relief with the passage of time, medication, and exercise, I was still experiencing pain and immobility and was frightened my condition was permanent.

I felt vulnerable and weak and feared I was not going to be able to do many things I enjoyed. I have always enjoyed long daily walks, gardening and working outside on our property, and suddenly I felt compromised in my activities.

Making A Change

I saw an ad for a free workshop at Align, and decided to go to hear what Matthew had to say. I was impressed by his understanding of the causes of sciatic pain and knowledge of body mechanics, so I decided to give the program a try.  A couple friends had also gone to Align, and I was impressed by their experiences and results. 

Coach Jaylee: “The first time I talked to Mary was on the phone, she had scheduled a New Client Evaluation and called to see if she could cancel it because she was in so much pain, and didn’t think she would be able to do it. I kindly reassured her she needed to come in. We needed to see her body, even on her worst day, to elevate what was happening and start her program. She needed us, and I knew it. After a few weeks of Mary’s pain going from a 9 to a 3, I said, ‘Remember when I told you over the phone that you needed to come in? I’m so glad you did! Look at you now!’ She smiled and said, ‘I’m so glad I did too!’” 

Life At Align

Since coming to Align I feel I have made steady progress even though I have had a few "steps back" along the way.  Jaylee has been a wonderful coach, pinpointing exactly what needed to be strengthened and how to get there. She set reasonable goals and always encouraged me to reach higher than I thought I could.  I am encouraged by my increased mobility and strength. 

Even though I have had times when I have felt off again, I have been given the tools to correct the problem. I am so appreciative of the knowledge and encouragement Jaylee (and the Align team) have given me. You are the best cheerleaders! I have also learned I need to be a disciplined coach to myself, devoting time and effort to my strengthening program, and encouraging and challenging myself like my coaches at Align. I’m so grateful for all they have shown me and all I have learned!

Life Now

Coach Jaylee: “Mary was suffering from a severe case of hamstring tendinopathy. This is when the hamstring tendon has frayed and is very inflamed. This is most painful in the morning after first waking up. When Mary first started with me her pain when waking up was a 9. After a few weeks it went down to a 3, and after a few months down to a 0! She went from not being able to bend over and struggled getting off the floor, to deadlifting 60lbs with ease. Her life completely changed. And it was so rewarding watching that change happen! She is strong and capable of doing the things she wants to do without pain or injury.” 

Walking up stairs, standing up out of a chair, and getting off the floor are things I don't even have to think about anymore. I have better balance, and can sit in the car for longer periods of time without pain or repercussions. I take long walks weekly, and am able to work in my garden and around my property. Although, I feel a bit of tightness getting up in the morning, I don’t wake up in pain! That changes my whole day!