Storytelling - A Tradition Of Hope

One thing you will notice about us,
we love telling our Stories.

Our Stories are our vehicle of Hope. When someone goes through hell and comes out the other side, their Story is another persons’ Hope. Their Story signals to someone who is beaten down to keep fighting. It tells someone who has given up it’s possible. When you can bring Hope to someone who feels hopeless, you can change the trajectory of their life. What greater contribution is there?

You will also find that our Stories are our benchmarks and bragging rights for our Coaches. Our Coaches purpose is to create Stories. When we are creating stories, we are impacting lives. That’s our that’s our benchmark.

Our message to you is simple. We want you to be our next Story. And we want you to be someone’s Hope.

– Matthew Lister, Founder of Align

Cher with her grandkids

Cher’s Story- Back Pain Journey

I am currently doing the online program and I like being able to do my workouts at home, with my coach’s support and guidance through the app. I also like how we continually take posture photos throughout the process to show the changes in my overall posture and body composition.

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Andy Wake Surfing on Lake Shasta

Andy’s Story- Sciatica Pain Journey

I now have zero pain and can do anything I want to without pain again. I am now back to the person I was before the pain started. But even stronger and confident about what I need to do to keep myself in this position. Have patience and do exactly what your coach tells you to do. Don’t try and go it on your own and do more because you feel better one day. Slow and steady progress will win the race.

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Karl and Colina on a hike

Karl & Colina’s Story- Knee & Back Pain Journey

The results have been amazing. It’s been a lot of baby steps over the past year and I still have a ways to go, but I am flexible and pain free enough to be able to get down on the floor to play with my grandkids! We have been traveling around the country a lot over the past couple of years and now I am able to get out and enjoy the places we are visiting instead of sitting in the car all the time!

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Angel in the snow by Mount Shasta

Angel’s Story- Neck & Shoulder Pain Journey

A way Align has changed my life has been by helping me understand how my body works and how to keep it healthy. Here, I have learned a lot about the factors that contribute to the chronic pain we experience, how to prevent it, and what it takes to come out of it.

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Mary hiking in the redwoods

Mary’s Story- Sciatica Pain Journey

Mary was suffering from a severe case of hamstring tendinopathy. This is when the hamstring tendon has frayed and is very inflamed. This is most painful in the morning after first waking up. When Mary first started with me her pain when waking up was a 9. After a few weeks it went down to a 3, and after a few months down to a 0!

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Becky Golfing

Becky’s Story- Leg Pain Journey

The variety of exercises Andrea provided for me was very impressive and helped to maintain a high level of motivation and engagement. The variety of exercises surprised me. Working from literally the foot up and through the neck resulted in my return to normal activities.

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Christian in the snow with his skis

Christian’s Story- Mid Back Pain Journey

What I love most about Align are the people and the process. Align is fun- the coaches and the clients. Unlike stuffy, rigid facilities, Align is an open space, playful, and engaging while getting the necessary work done. I like how each client’s program is different and tailored to their current needs and issues of that day. It is fluid, changing, and challenging.

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Jeff holding a fish

Jeff’s Story- Low Back Pain Journey

At first, the exercises were simple, but they were new to me. Activating new and dormant muscles took more brain power than I anticipated, I really had to focus on not using the wrong muscles I had used previously. What I have loved most about my process at Align is how I learned what my pain generators and root causes of my pain were.

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Charlie Fishing

Charlie’s Story- Back and Shoulder Pain Journey

I love the consistent accountability. Coach David started me with basics, getting the right muscles to do what they are supposed to do and has moved me to doing more than I had believed I could still possibly do. My wife and I both do Align and we look at it and prioritize it in our budget as a maintenance expense that we will continue to do to maintain a quality of life that we highly value.

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Shannon at Boston University where she graduated with her masters in social work

Shannon’s Story- Back and Leg Pain Journey

I love working out. Over time, my quad became very painful. I tried to blindly follow workout instructions without much body knowledge, as well as avoid pain. I ended up over-emphasizing certain muscle groups and neglected others to the point it became dysfunctional. I remember trying to sit down one day and just tearing my quad.

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Deanna next to a waterfall in Hawaii

Deanna’s Story- Back and Neck Pain Journey

Then my life changed in a split second. I was in a major car accident, rear ended by someone going 60 mph. It was a traumatic experience. I could barely move or walk. The entire right side of my body was tweaked. I had multiple fractures in my right hand from the airbags, along with whiplash and a concussion. This was devastating to me.

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Marc smiling sitting against a brick wall

Marc’s Story- Back Pain Journey

The other week Marc finished his workout and when walking out of the gym he started flapping his arms like wings of a bird. I laughed and he said “This is how I feel!” I think that’s such a powerful image of what it’s like to be free from chronic pain.

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