Storytelling - A Tradition Of Hope

One thing you will notice about us,
we love telling our Stories.

Our Stories are our vehicle of Hope. When someone goes through hell and comes out the other side, their Story is another persons’ Hope. Their Story signals to someone who is beaten down to keep fighting. It tells someone who has given up it’s possible. When you can bring Hope to someone who feels hopeless, you can change the trajectory of their life. What greater contribution is there?

You will also find that our Stories are our benchmarks and bragging rights for our Coaches. Our Coaches purpose is to create Stories. When we are creating stories, we are impacting lives. That’s our that’s our benchmark.

Our message to you is simple. We want you to be our next Story. And we want you to be someone’s Hope.

– Matthew Lister, Founder of Align

Debbie riding her horse

Debbie’s Story- Neck & Knee Pain Journey

“My results have been amazing! No more neck pain, headaches or dizziness. Now after less than a year I can walk as far as I want, even run, with no knee pain. I can enjoy the hills on our property without worrying about not being able to walk the next day.”

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Jason and his family on the coast

Jason’s Story- Knee Pain Journey

“I knew it was something special when I came in for my first session and Matthew had me on my back for most of the first class. I had been nervous that it would be too intense and I’d injure my knees again or something. Yet as I lay there, I was watching the other people in my group do all of these super interesting exercises.”

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Pam woodworking in her backyard

Pam’s Story- Neck Pain Journey

“I went through multiple rounds of PT, massage, acupuncture, spinal injections, chiropractor visits and although I got short term relief, the pain and hand numbness always came back. I was told by a spinal surgeon that a fusion of the vertebrae in my neck may be needed if things didn’t improve.”

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Donna and Her Family

Donna’s Story-Strength & Stability Journey

“I searched many gyms in the area and landed at Align. After my consultation with Matthew, I was convinced that my new adventure into the land of trap bars and machines equipped with weights and pulleys was best led by someone who came highly recommended, had conquered a harrowing physical struggle of his own, and possessed an energy that captured my interest. I wanted to be a part of what he was offering.”

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Donella On Her Porch

Donella’s Story- Back Pain Journey

“Working in healthcare opened my eyes to how people destroy their own retirement by not taking care of themselves. My goal has always been health first so I can live my best life as I age. Align has made my life better and easier with more strength and flexibility.”

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Diane’s Story-Weight Loss Journey

I was 160 pounds overweight. Both of my knees were trashed. I could barely walk. Definitely couldn’t get on the floor and do anything. I couldn’t step down a curb. I couldn’t walk upstairs. I could barely walk more than 10 feet without holding onto something. A shopping cart was my best friend.

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Judy kayaking

Judy’s Story-Shoulder Pain Journey

My story starts a decade ago. I injured my shoulder and went to an orthopedist. I had X-rays and a MRI and was told that I had an impingement and bone spurs. He suggested surgery to scrape the bone and spurs to make more room in my shoulder for freer movement.

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Jason’s Story-Shoulder Injury Journey

It is unclear how I originally hurt my shoulder. I was experiencing pain when I would reach across to the passenger seat of my car and pick up the bag I take to and from work each day. I also started to rapidly lose range of motion in my shoulder. When my arm was behind my back, I could not raise it above my beltline.

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Dorothy’s Story-Strength & Stability

I found Align when I was 90 years old, only after my daughter gifted me a two-month membership for my birthday. I wasn’t sure what I could accomplish at 90 years old. I just knew that I wasn’t keeping up with my walking group. I was losing my balance and scared I wouldn’t be able to recover from a fall.

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Cindy’s Story-Weight Loss & Back Pain Journey

I had been a lifelong dieter, always up and down with my weight. I had done all the diets, Weight Watchers, Atkins, etc. I was sick of it. The goal was always to lose weight. I wasn’t particularly healthy but then two life changing events happened in a matter of two weeks.

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Margot’s Story-Knee Pain Journey

I had severe pain in my knees every day. The pain was unbearable. It was hard for me to walk any distance, stand for any amount of time, walk up and down stairs, or even step up on a curb. I loved going to outdoor markets and doing outings with my family.

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Tina’s Story-Knee Pain & Weight Loss Journey

My knees hurt. I felt stiff. I was not as mobile as I wanted to be. I was carrying around an additional 60+ pounds that I could not lose. I had little motivation to become active again. Honestly, I was struggling to do it on my own. I knew I wanted to be active and fit again.

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