What We Offer

Wall of Align Studio with art

At Align, everything we do is focused on helping people who are in pain get better.

We use The Align Method, which is a tested framework for identifying and correcting your unique pain generators. We don’t have a “same size fits all” approach because your pain challenges are unique to you and your life history and circumstances.

The Align Method is NOT
a quick-fix formula

We don’t offer a symptom-chasing treatment, or a haphazard and harmful pill, injection, or surgery. We take your whole-being into account, and walk through a logical, step-by-step, method of fixing the underlying drivers of your pain.

We offer three primary ways for you to engage with Align:

We invite you to explore the information we have provided, and then
schedule a consultation to see what the best way forward is for you to
start living the life you are dreaming of, without constant pain.