Christian’s Story- Mid Back Pain Journey

Christian in the snow with his skis

Before Align

I was in a bad spot. I had back pain in my mid and upper back at a level of 7-8. There were times I had to spend an entire day or two in bed. It was extremely discouraging.

In the Fall of 2021, my back pain began as a result of throwing out my ribs lifting and moving heavy supplies in my work. My rib cage became unstable and some days it was painful to even breathe.

I attempted multiple treatments to address my symptoms... stem, ice, heat, hot tubs, saunas, cold plunges, massage, chiropractic, cupping, yoga, and rolfing. All were helpful at treating pain temporarily, however they didn't address the root cause, or fix anything.

After failing to address the cause of my pain, I wanted to take a more aggressive approach. Before going the route of injections or seeing an orthopedic doctor, I wanted to attempt physical therapy. However, I was referred to Align by my chiropractor and upon hearing Align's philosophy and seeing that it fit my values I was ready to give it a go.

Coming to Align

I have been very active and relatively healthy my whole life. I grew up with lot's of strength training playing football from childhood through my mid-twenties. Once I was done, I swore off weight training, and only did aerobic workouts. Align has taught me that my body needs the strength that weight training provides to handle the strenuous workload I put on it.

What I love most about Align are the people and the process. Align is fun- the coaches and the clients. Unlike stuffy, rigid facilities, Align is an open space, playful, and engaging while getting the necessary work done. I like how each client’s program is different and tailored to their current needs and issues of that day. It is fluid, changing, and challenging.

I have been on a steady progression toward reduced pain and increased stability and strength, even with a couple setbacks along the way. After 7 months at Align, I am ready to go out on my own and attempt to maintain and improve my stable and strong back. Align has given me the tools to stay strong and out of pain for the long run, not giving a temporary fix. Today, I feel strong, healthy, and excited for physical goals I have ahead of me.

From The Coaches Perspective

Coach Matthew: “Christian’s Story is a great example of how most people severely underestimate how strong they need to be to live their lives pain free and prevent surgeries. Our bodies weigh hundreds of pounds. Every day, and every movement, we have to be able to lift, carry, and maneuver hundreds of pounds through complex movements like walking, climbing stairs, and getting up off the ground. Christian learned that he needed his joints mobile, stable, and yes, even strong if he wanted to thrive and live pain free.”

Pass It On

Addressing only symptoms is a temporary fix. Getting injections or having surgery is an invasive process and may not solve your pain problem. Align is a great spot to see if improving your mobility, stability, and strength can address your pain and give you a solution to maintain your pain free future. It takes work and commitment, but I know from experience the Align team will do everything in their means to get you back to a healthy life.