Andy’s Story- Sciatica Pain Journey

Andy Wake Surfing on Lake Shasta

I now have zero pain and can do anything I want to without pain again. I am now back to the person I was before the pain started. But even stronger and confident about what I need to do to keep myself in this position. Have patience and do exactly what your coach tells you to do. Don’t try and go it on your own and do more because you feel better one day. Slow and steady progress will win the race.

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Mary’s Story- Sciatica Pain Journey

Mary hiking in the redwoods

Mary was suffering from a severe case of hamstring tendinopathy. This is when the hamstring tendon has frayed and is very inflamed. This is most painful in the morning after first waking up. When Mary first started with me her pain when waking up was a 9. After a few weeks it went down to a 3, and after a few months down to a 0!

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Becky’s Story- Leg Pain Journey

Becky Golfing

The variety of exercises Andrea provided for me was very impressive and helped to maintain a high level of motivation and engagement. The variety of exercises surprised me. Working from literally the foot up and through the neck resulted in my return to normal activities.

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Shannon’s Story- Back and Leg Pain Journey

Shannon at Boston University where she graduated with her masters in social work

I love working out. Over time, my quad became very painful. I tried to blindly follow workout instructions without much body knowledge, as well as avoid pain. I ended up over-emphasizing certain muscle groups and neglected others to the point it became dysfunctional. I remember trying to sit down one day and just tearing my quad.

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Deanna’s Story- Back and Neck Pain Journey

Deanna next to a waterfall in Hawaii

Then my life changed in a split second. I was in a major car accident, rear ended by someone going 60 mph. It was a traumatic experience. I could barely move or walk. The entire right side of my body was tweaked. I had multiple fractures in my right hand from the airbags, along with whiplash and a concussion. This was devastating to me.

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Lori’s Story- Leg & Back Pain Journey

Lori walking her dog

Before Align my life was completely controlled by constant searing sciatic pain through my low back and down through my entire left side. I could not sit or stand, and was not able to lie on my back or my left side without searing pain.

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Jill’s Story-Back & Leg Pain Journey


My pain story started 37 years ago. It was 1981. My family was in a car accident that left me with compression fractures in my lower spine and broken bones and nerve damage in my foot. I was in a metal back brace and a foot cast for months.

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