Angel’s Story- Neck & Shoulder Pain Journey

Angel in the snow by Mount Shasta

A way Align has changed my life has been by helping me understand how my body works and how to keep it healthy. Here, I have learned a lot about the factors that contribute to the chronic pain we experience, how to prevent it, and what it takes to come out of it.

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Deanna’s Story- Back and Neck Pain Journey

Deanna next to a waterfall in Hawaii

Then my life changed in a split second. I was in a major car accident, rear ended by someone going 60 mph. It was a traumatic experience. I could barely move or walk. The entire right side of my body was tweaked. I had multiple fractures in my right hand from the airbags, along with whiplash and a concussion. This was devastating to me.

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Jamie’s Story- Neck & Knee Pain Journey

Jamie at the ocean

“This is my one life with my one body, and I don’t want to be held back. I better build good things now. When I am in pain, I can’t do what I want to do. Then pain is making choices for me instead of me. I don’t want pain to choose for me what I will do. So I am choosing today to partner with Align, so I can choose what I want to do tomorrow.”

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Debbie’s Story- Neck & Knee Pain Journey

Debbie riding her horse

“My results have been amazing! No more neck pain, headaches or dizziness. Now after less than a year I can walk as far as I want, even run, with no knee pain. I can enjoy the hills on our property without worrying about not being able to walk the next day.”

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Pam’s Story- Neck Pain Journey

Pam woodworking in her backyard

“I went through multiple rounds of PT, massage, acupuncture, spinal injections, chiropractor visits and although I got short term relief, the pain and hand numbness always came back. I was told by a spinal surgeon that a fusion of the vertebrae in my neck may be needed if things didn’t improve.”

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Nancy’s Story-Neck & Shoulder Pain Journey


Nancy was facing a common problem for people in pain. She had multiple experts telling her contradictory opinions and advice. Her right shoulder and arm was numb, tingling, and painful and she didn’t know who to believe or what direction to go.

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Jean’s Story-Neck Pain Journey


When I came in, I had a intake interview with Matt and it was very difficult with me. I was in tears a lot of the time because I was in so much pain with my neck. And I was to the point that I didn’t think that anything was ever going to be able to help me. And so, I was doubtful, but I thought, you know, what, if I don’t give this a try, I’m not going to know.

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