Nancy's Story - A Neck & Shoulder Pain Journey


Nancy was facing a common problem for people in pain. She had multiple experts telling her contradictory opinions and advice. Her right shoulder and arm was numb, tingling, and painful and she didn’t know who to believe or what direction to go. This type of contradiction oftentimes leaves people feeling either paralyzed or frustrated. Align offered Nancy an alternative to the “guess and go” option. Now she is pain, and numbness, free and living a healthy, active, and happy life! And according to Nancy her, “GOLF GAME IS GREAT!”

Starting At Align

“My right shoulder and arm was always tingling and numb. It was painful every day. I noticed that my right shoulder was higher than the left. My neck and shoulder muscles were extremely tight and nothing I did got them to relax. I have always been very active, but I could feel the aging process coming on and I needed to do something about it. I felt like I needed a new perspective. I had tried Chiropractic with no lasting results. Everything I did helped for a couple hours but nothing truly helped in a lasting way.”

What I Like About Align?

“I like a lot of things about Align. The Align team is very caring and friendly. Sam (Nancy’s Coach) is very tuned in to how I’m feeling and closely observes and corrects things whenever it’s needed. They also push me to reach higher in improving my strength and flexibility. It’s a wonderful motivator.”

From The Coaches Perspective

Nancy’s Align Coach, Sam Barber, gave his perspective on her story. “Nancy had a variety of problems with her shoulders, but we just worked the Align process. You never know, no one does, how much of your pain is being caused by structural damage within a joint as opposed to how much of your pain is being caused by your biomechanical issues, ie posture, flexibility, strength, and nutrition. A good diagnostic process is to fix the biomechanical issues, via corrective exercise and therapeutic movement, and then see how much pain is left over. Often times the pain completely goes away. If it doesn’t go completely away, you have attempted everything you can before going to more invasive interventions like surgery. That’s the key. Always execute treatments in the order of LEAST INVASIVE to MOST INVASIVE. Don’t jump straight to injections and surgeries. Nancy was a great example of this. Once we fixed her forward head, forward shoulders, the anterior tilt to her shoulder blades, got rid of soft tissue problems through her trapezius and infraspinatus muscles, and then stabilized those structures by getting her really strong, the problem took care of itself.”

Life Now

“My body feels so much stronger. I have no pain and no numbness. I’m living a healthy, active, and happy life! I can do heavy chest presses, planks, overhead presses, deadlifts and climb stairs. And because of my improved balance, flexibility, and strength my GOLF GAME IS GREAT!”

Sharing Hope

“What would I tell people who were facing similar challenges? Be open minded to a different type of workout and gym experience. Stay with it. Do your homework. You will see results.”