Lori's Story- Leg & Back Pain Journey

Lori walking her dog

Before Align

“Before Align my life was completely controlled by constant searing sciatic pain through my low back and down through my entire left side. I could not sit or stand, and was not able to lie on my back or my left side without searing pain.  For 12 years I was grateful to use my walker on a good day. I had to quit my job of 25 years.  My previous life of extreme fitness became a vague memory. Power walking, flying in our airplane, gardening, vacationing, even driving my car were all impossibilities.” 

“My new life was a constant quest for a physician, acupuncturist, physical therapist, chiropractor, surgeon, ANYONE who could help me. No one was able to figure out the cause of my excruciating pain.  I spent 1 week at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio having every test imaginable, more testing at U.C.S.F., surgeries at Cedar Sinai, multiple spinal cord stimulators, and the list goes on!"

"I was in constant severe pain forced to take opioids and other horrible medications that only barely took the edge off. I kept trying new procedures hoping they would help, but it felt like everything I tried just caused me more pain. I felt hopeless!...UNTIL! My dear friend introduced me to ALIGN!!”

Life at Align

“Beginning with a thorough evaluation and discussion of my issues and their program, I was impressed with Align from the start.  I was in tears, filled with hope they could help me. I love how every time I walk into the gym my coach is closely watching how I am walking, asks how I am feeling, what my pain level is, what specifically is bothering me, and checks my hips for alignment.”

Life Now

“After 18 months of tender guidance and therapeutics I sold my walker! Another 2 months and my cane was never used again!  Best of all, with proper guidance, I completely stopped taking all of my opioid pain medications!  My physicians are nothing but amazed at my results and are now referring their clients to Align!”

The Align program has completely changed my life! A true 180! From almost completely immobile to the point that two weeks ago I took my first vacation in 12 years, by myself, from California to Florida for a week!  Not only that, I am writing this from our campsite in Reno where we are attending a car show that I walked through yesterday and covered 3.5 miles!!"

"It still amazes me, at every new milestone, the Align program continues to improve my life from painful to pain free, and disability to ability! I also learned how to smile again! The pain was so bad before the best I could do was a grimace. I am beyond happy to have my life, smile, and family back!”

Giving Advice

“The best advice that I can give for those of you who deal with chronic, extreme pain is to make sure and attend the gym program even on your WORST days!  Your coach knows how to gently work with you and help relieve the pain before you leave! Honestly! That was a hard thing for me to overcome because I was so used to staying home and curling up in pain! I didn't feel like moving and would even cancel doctor appointments! Get someone to drive you, I did and the results are nothing but miraculous! BEST ADVICE… TRUST YOUR COACH!”