Jeff's Story - A Back Pain Journey

Jeff with his bicycle

“About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with bone spurs on my lower back vertebrae. I experienced shooting and throbbing pain down my right leg. Many mornings I woke up with lower back pain. I was easily fatigued and experienced back pain when I walked for any real distance or stood for any period of time. It affected my ability to walk on the beach during vacations, fly fish, and play golf. I declined back surgery in lieu of physical therapy which helped but it didn’t really result in long term abatement of pain or overall improvement. I still experienced intermittent lower back and leg pain.”

This is a common issue for many people. Physical therapy will often be focused on the symptoms, not the underlying root cause, because treatment plans are being dictated by health insurance companies and not health practitioners. In this scenario, Jeff’s low back was treated and made to feel better for a short time but the underlying problem of tightness and weakness issues through his hips that created the problem in the first place went unresolved. Inevitably, the pain returned.

“At that point the increasing time requirements of my career made it difficult to commit to regular workouts. I spent 10 plus hours a day sitting at my desk, leaning forward towards my computer screen hunched over. I was slowly training my muscles to do all the wrong things…and I was paying for it.”

Time To Make A Change

“My wife has two very good friends that were clients of Align. They had experienced very life changing improvements. She convinced me to go in and talk with them. They took a picture of me from the side and projected it onto a tablet. It showed what my posture looked like and what it was supposed to look like. I could not believe how crooked and lunged forward my body was! I was ready to do something about it.”

What Did You Like Most About Align?

“All of us have a program/experience that is customized for them and their specific issues. The one-hour group sessions allow you to work out and have a comradery with others with similar problems. At the same time, all the exercise routines are adjusted for each individual depending on their strengths, weaknesses, afflictions, and goals. Even though you have an “assigned” coach, all the coaches have an understanding of your personal situation and are very proactive in the group or independent time. The atmosphere is light and friendly, not heavy or macho like a lot of gyms. Everyone is comfortable and not intimidated.

Life Now

“I have gotten so much physically stronger and more flexible. I can do 100 plus pound deadlifts, multiple minute planks, and can chest press 45’s. I rarely wake up with back pain or have any pain at all. I know that I am in better physical shape now with stronger arms, legs, and core muscles. I’m not just doing maintenance like in Physical Therapy. I’m making progress. I can fish, golf, walk, work in the yard, whatever. My body does not stop me from doing what I want to do every day. Honestly, it’s hard to believe I have bone spurs.”

Pass It On

“The saying that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ does really apply to getting yourself back into better physical shape. Unless you had a sudden injury, most likely you didn’t get into the shape you are in overnight. It probably took months or years. Accordingly, it is going to take some time to reverse the negative effects. Aligns approach is built on that one step at a time concept. I started slow and built up slowly to where I am today. Personally, I think that if you get started, no matter how far you get, you will be better off than where you are now.