Jamie's Story- Neck & Knee Pain Journey

Jamie at the ocean

Before Align

“My left knee had begun frequently collapsing while simply walking or standing. This was really startling for me! I love dancing, but I was really scared I was going to hurt myself and not be able to dance anymore.”

Jamie dancing

"I also had neck pain and headaches. I had worked at a computer for years, and I just felt “off.” I tried an ergonomic desk set up with a good chair, but I was regularly uncomfortable. I’d get headaches and have to stop and stretch. I used pain relievers, but it wasn’t fixing anything. I did have some yoga stretches that were helpful, but I didn’t really understand what was happening with my body."

"Sometimes I would have trouble sleeping because I couldn’t get comfortable. I bought different pillows to try and find something more comfortable. I didn’t know the root was my muscles and not my pillow! I knew I could work out on my own, but I didn’t know what to do to help my knee. I didn’t even know I could help my neck! I honestly felt a little doomed like, 'Is this what my life is going to be like?'"

Making The Change

"I’m a nurse, and I was about to start a new job in the hospital which regularly included moving patients and equipment. I knew I needed to be stronger and learn proper body mechanics to be safe and prevent injuries. I knew I could go to the gym on my own, but I didn’t know how to strengthen the right things. I also decided if there was something I could do to avoid a future knee injury, I should really do something about it now before it happened and it was too late."

Life At Align

"I was shocked that when I first came they had me lay on the floor and do some 'muscle deactivating.' I was like, 'What kind of gym is this? I didn’t even sweat!' (Don’t worry, I sweat plenty now). They really care about you, too. Even on stressful work days when I didn’t have much to give, my coach, Jaylee, would help me do what I could do. Additionally, more than once I’ve come in cranky and in pain, and Jaylee has helped me so significantly I’m practically singing and dancing on my way out. Coming to Align makes my day so much better."

"I liked how it didn’t feel like they were trying to kill me with each workout. It really changed the way I approached working out. I thought you had to really “leave it all on the field.” I love now that when I have pain I feel empowered and can do things on my own to troubleshoot and come up with a solution. Then, if not, I have support too! The trainers and environment are so enjoyable. I look forward to my time at Align."

Life Now

"My results have been incredible! After a few months at Align I didn’t have any knee instability! My neck and shoulders feel dramatically better, and I rarely have headaches. Neck pain doesn’t affect my sleep anymore. I feel stronger, balanced, and can go do any activity I want to do!"

Jamie and her family at a waterfall

"It’s funny because if you had asked me if I was someone who had chronic pain I would have said no. But now, feeling how good I feel, I realize I was regularly experiencing pain. I was just used to it and thought it was normal. Now I can say I am not in pain! If I have pain, I have hope and support to change that. I can do the things I want to without fear of injury, and overall I feel happy and content that I know how to help my body."

Pass It On

"I would say it’s easier to prevent an injury than to lament an injury. As a nurse time and time again I have seen the dramatic difference prevention can make. I’d have two patients with similar ages in the same room- one withering away and the other with a minor medical speed bump before they got back to their normal life. One had taken care of their body and one hadn’t."

Jamie jumping with a smile on her face

"This is my one life with my one body, and I don’t want to be held back. If I want to be a mobile, healthy 80 year-old keeping up with the grandkids, I better build good things now. When I am in pain, I can’t do what I want to do. Then pain is making choices for me instead of me. I don’t want pain to choose for me what I will do. So I am choosing today to partner with Align, so I can choose what I want to do tomorrow."