Jeremy's Story- Neck & Back Pain Journey

Jeremy with his paintball gear

Before Align

“I was consumed by chronic pain. Particularly in my neck, upper, and lower back.  Some days were better than others, but it was decaying my overall quality of life. Work, sports, and family activities declined because of the pain and depression. Things I once enjoyed doing were becoming dreadful because I knew the pain would be there waiting whenever I was through. I was in a funk.”

“A culmination of poor lifestyle choices and injuries is what led me to where I was. Being very active from a very young age I loved skating, snowboarding, bike racing, hiking, baseball, etc.  With those activities comes the risk for injury, which I was no stranger to. I endured two physical traumas from skating and snowboarding."

"After both of these incidents doctors told me to rest and take ibuprofen. I also didn't make wise choices when it came to taking care of myself- specifically in my 20’s. I was involved in eating absolute garbage, drinking, partying, smoking, and poor sleeping practices. I was doing everything not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, and it caught up to me.”

Making a Change

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I woke up one day and decided this is no way to live. Ten years ago I quit my job to qualify for max insurance benefits to try and tackle my chronic issues. Only to be met by lackluster physicians, physical therapists, and osteopaths."

"I walked away with half assed diagnosis and a whole lot of tens unit and physical therapy. Some of which helped, but overall no one could ever find a source of the chronic issues to really make a lasting change. I literally tried everything: MRI's, CT scans, EKG's, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, tens unit therapy, visits to general practitioners, meditation, and made multiple lifestyle changes such as proper circadian rhythm for sleep cycles, hydration, and nutrition.”

Life With Align

Jeremy paintballing“My results have been fantastic and exceeded my expectations. My overall quality of life has drastically improved. I just gradually started to feel better as time went on which made me want to keep coming back.  When things would flare up or if I had a physically demanding time, we would address the issue and then move on. We are always making progress despite life's hurdles."

"Chronic pain is absolutely draining, so without it, things are just easier. Essentially everything is easier, and I’m able to do things I love again without being in pain afterwards. I am EMPOWERED. I have a better understanding of my own unique problems and have tools to fix them. Having a more thorough understanding of one’s self is the big take away.”

Giving Advice

"You have to really be ready for change. If you're here then you've already started your journey.  From my experience here so far, it boils down to trust and dedication. Trust your coach is here for you and know what's best. Dedicate to the plan and you WILL see results."