Jeen's Story- Low Back Pain Journey

Jeen and her husband traveling in Europe

Before Align

“For a 22-year period I had periodic pain and spasms in my lower back. Additionally, I had started to develop misalignment issues in my left knee. Because I was unable to predict if and when my lower back would spasm and severely impact my activity level, I felt fearful and apprehensive when considering travel away from home.”

“At the age of 43 I began to teach myself the butterfly swim stroke and failed to train or develop my body appropriately for that highly demanding activity. It was following many months of butterfly-lap attempts that I had my first lower back spasm. The knee issue presented itself many years later following bike rides and previous injuries.”

"Because I’ve always enjoyed physical activity and feeling comfortable in my body, I never settled for having a back and knee that caused me pain. Thus I sought out numerous approaches to strengthen my back thinking that lack of lower back strength was the problem and strengthening it was the solution. So for many years I engaged in numerous physical activity classes of varying types always seeking to get stronger, as well as periodic physical therapy sessions.”

“At long last when it became clear back strength wasn’t going to permanently rid me of the flirtation with random back spasms, I decided to call Align Pain Management based on a notice published in Enjoy, the magazine. I came in for a consultation during which I learned that my primary issue stemmed not from my lower back strength, but from my pelvic misalignment and underdeveloped glutes.”

Coming to Align

"What I like most about Align is what I learn from my coach, Matthew, about the architecture of the body, its functional design, and the numerous ways that it compensates for improper use, along with the consequences of those ill uses. Additionally, I truly enjoy the camaraderie of a client group “sharing the pain” of hard training/rehabilitative work, as well as sharing the rewards that come from it."

"I’m not yet finished with my Align journey, but I can definitively say that I’m experiencing positive results from the coaching and education I’ve received, along with the dedicated effort I have made. One of the small and unexpected surprises I’ve recently experienced is that after many years of needing special cushions and back adjustments in all vehicles- I no longer need such aids! That feels very liberating to me!"

"On a grander scale my low back improvements with Align have re-established my trust level. I can now make travel plans with no particular concern for slipping into a back spasm. One of the most important and meaningful areas of my life is traveling to spend time with my out-of-town daughter, granddaughter, and sister, along with traveling to my husband’s family in the midwest and Europe. My successful Align journey thus far has significantly improved the quality of my life, both outwardly and inwardly."

"The sweetest surprise of the Align Method was at the start when I was instructed to relax in body positions designed to invite release and relaxation in the pelvic and lower body area. I couldn’t believe that my assignment was to spend regular sessions relaxing when my nature was to attack a problem with blunt force."

"Another highlight and surprise is to witness and experience the ability to lift unimaginable-to-me weights at my age of 76. I am now deadlifting over 62lbs! My coach genuinely appreciates and supports me in developing sufficient strength to schlep and lift large and heavy luggage whether traveling by auto or plane."

Pass It On

"To anyone of any age who shares my experience of having their lifestyle impeded either mentally, emotionally, or physically due to lack of trust your body will show up as you need it to when you need it to, or who has worked hard to solve this issue on their own and been unsuccessful, I highly recommend that you get evaluated by Align’s highly knowledgeable staff. It’s most likely the Align Method will serve you well!"