Jean's Story - A Neck Pain Journey

Before Align

“When I came in, I had an intake interview with Matthew and it was very difficult for me. I was in tears a lot of the time because I was in so much pain with my neck. And I was to the point that I didn't think anything was ever going to be able to help me. So, I was doubtful, but I thought, ‘You know what? If I don't give this a try, I'm not going to ever know.’” 

“And so I put my trust in Matthew. I was skeptical and afraid at first. I didn't want to increase my pain level. But I was also afraid if I didn't try, I wasn't going to get any better. So I started the program, and we went very slow. I totally appreciated it because it built my trust in the program.”

Align Journey

“Matthew was very careful to check in with me throughout the course of the baby steps. We checked in each time I came in. I couldn't believe how simple things against the wall, like snow angels, were so effective without having to use a lot of special equipment.  I was flabbergasted when I would go home. I would tell my husband, I can't believe we're doing this. And you know, it's working the muscles that haven't been working or have been working improperly. But a month in, I thought, ‘You know what? I am feeling better. My neck is feeling better.’ I almost forgot I had pain in my neck. Which was the first time since 2006.”


“Over the last two years, I have not been able to go to the movies. I haven't been able to go with my friends or anybody because I had too much pain in my neck. I would have to be in a certain seat at a certain angle. I couldn't look up or look down for too long. And if I did go to the movies, I would go racing home, crying in pain. It pretty soon became not worth going to the movies. And that broke my heart.” 

“And so after I had been going to Align for about a month and a half or a little longer, I thought of Hamlet and wanted to test going to a theater. I went to the movie theater for the first time, and I sat through the whole movie! I had no pain. I went home and couldn't wait to tell my husband, ‘You're not going to believe this. I don't have any pain.’ I could hardly wait to tell Matthew I went to a movie and had no pain!”