Dorothy's Story - A Strength & Stability Journey


Dorothy is one of Aligns shining stars. She’s a beacon of hope for us all. At 91 years old, Dorothy has battled back from being unstable on her feet, fearing a fall, with deviated posture, to being able to plank for 2 minutes on her toes and hip bridge 85 pounds. She has taken back her mobility, independence, and freedom.

Life before Align in her own words…

“I found Align when I was 90 years old, only after my daughter gifted me a two-month membership for my birthday. I wasn’t sure what I could accomplish at 90 years old. I just knew that I wasn’t keeping up with my walking group. I was losing my balance and scared I wouldn’t be able to recover from a fall. I worried about how much longer I could continue to live in my home and take care of myself.”

Her journey from her coaches stand point...

Sam Barber, her coach, told us, “Dorothy’s posture and alignment were dysfunctional when she started. Her upper torso was deviated to the left a full 3 inches. That creates big stresses on the low back and SI joint. Aside from that, strength through her hips, core, and legs were the biggest concerns to address. She came in wanting mobility, stability, and the ability to get up off the floor. All those things originate in the hips. She has overcome all those issues and just taken off. She’s amazing. We knew we were making huge strides in her stability and strength when she came in a few days in a row without her cane. When we asked her about it, she was shocked. She hadn’t realized she just quit using it a few days ago. She is doing 2-minute planks, hip bridges with 85lbs, hip stability work with ankle weights, and much more. She’s worked her butt off for the last year and now she’s bullet proof. She’s a rock star. She inspires so many in the Align community.”

Life now…

“I am so much stronger and can handle household chores like moving heavy garbage cans to the curb, carrying grocery bags, and basically anything I need to do. Life is much easier. I receive so many compliments on how much better I look. I lost weight. I stand up straighter than I have ever in my life. My doctor gives me an A+ on my routine check-ups now. I actually fell in the kitchen the other day and I didn’t get hurt. I wasn’t even sore the next day. I got up on my own. Now I feel safe in my home.”

What makes Align different?

Dorothy told us, “Everyone is so friendly. The greetings, the conversations, and the laughter make me feel so good every day. That’s a huge part of it. And obviously they are very knowledgeable. They are dedicated to every person. It’s a community.”

Sam Barber, her coach, says what makes the difference is Dorothy’s dedication to constant improvement. “She wants to get better every single day. She puts in the work. She’s amazing.”

If Dorothy, at 91 years young, can re-take her health, what’s stopping the rest of us?