Carrie's Story- Low Back Pain Journey

Carrie on a mountain top overlooking a canyon

“Haven’t we heard all our lives that movement is good--that staying active helps with health and aging? I was doing all of the things they say to do. Why then, had I become the most fit, pain-ridden active person I knew?"

Before Align

“I’ve always been active—working in the yard, doing yoga, hiking, road cycling and being generally fit. I have a boringly empty medical history and fortunate genetics, so when my back started to revolt after even the littlest activity, I grew really frustrated. It didn’t make sense and I didn’t like it. I couldn’t even bend over to put my shoes on.”

“I visited the chiropractor, I did more stretching, and I had x-rays taken. When the doctor told me my spine looked “great,” while I hovered there in a pained half-bent stance, I thought to myself…and yet, here I am. Active, but broken.” 

Choosing Align

“I’m not even sure how I saw Align, but however it was, it was at the right moment. I could see that this would be both a financial and time commitment, and you never know if you’re really going to get the help you need, but their approach made sense and I was desperate enough to try.” 

“What I’ve learned is that I was fit, but not strong. Most of us know about our major muscles but give little thought to all the little ones behind the scenes. Without those, we are lopsided and compensated, which causes all sorts of pain problems.”

“What surprised me most was how deceptively simple, but effective, the movements Align assigns to move toward strength are. Workouts can be slow and methodical with emphasis on avoiding pain while zeroing in on very specific issues and muscles, and then building on that foundation for whole body function.”

Life Now

“As it turned out, my early days at Align aligned with an unfortunate family tragedy, so while I was working to rebuild my body, I was also grieving. My coach, Jaylee, managed both—recognizing that on some days, gentle therapeutic movement was the ticket for my mind, while still managing to push me through physical goals. It was a caring balance and speaks to their interest in clients’ whole person outcomes.”

“Today, I’m active and aware. I can bend over to put my shoes on, I know what glutes are (and how to engage them) and I understand what I need to do to keep out of the pain zone—it takes commitment to staying strong. I’m even learning to golf, which was a desire I had to put aside before Align.” 

“I remember Matthew sitting awkwardly on the floor during an early session and wondering how he could sit like that without pain. He said to me, 'Oh, you’ll be able to do this, too. Our goal isn’t just to get you out of pain. It’s to get you to live without pain—and we will get you there.' And they have.”

Pass It On

“My best advice is to commit to the program, both at the gym and on your off-days. Trust the process. Align can't fix you without your help. You've got to buy in and do it, but the results are worth it.”