Tina's Story - A Knee Pain and Weight Loss Journey

Tina working out

“In 2014, I was in the best shape of my adult life. I was fit, active, and happy. However, in July of 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was unable to continue my active lifestyle while on chemotherapy and due to inactivity and drug side effects I gained 50 pounds. I had lost my sense of self and was struggling to find my way back.

Before Align

My knees hurt. I felt stiff. I was not as mobile as I wanted to be. I was carrying around an additional 60+ pounds that I could not lose. I had little motivation to become active again. Honestly, I was struggling to do it on my own. I knew I wanted to be active and fit again. I wanted a life that I could enjoy with family and friends. I felt as though cancer would have won if I continued to allow that experience to dictate my future. I needed accountability. I needed community. I needed Align.

What Do You Like Most About Align?

I really appreciate the accountability and the guidance. They are able to work with everyone where they’re at physically and challenge me beyond what I think I’m capable of. I appreciate that they focus on mechanics and mobility as part of the overall picture and it’s not just one size fits all exercise.

Life Now

I am down about 30 pounds. More than that, I am strong. I am deadlifting 185 pounds. I can sustain long bouts of endurance work. I am doing physical activities that I NEVER would have imagined I could do.

When you feel strong, you walk with confidence. I have stamina and energy. I can carry my grandson easily. There are no limits to what I am capable of.

Sharing Hope

Whatever it is that is holding you back: illness, pain, negative perception – don’t let that prevent you from what you are truly capable of. You may not believe in yourself right now. Find someone who does believe in you and who can walk alongside you. For me, that was my coach at Align. As you take baby steps, you will gain your sense of self back. Your confidence will grow, and you will feel unstoppable.