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Online Program with Exercise

Our Online Coaching Program, exactly like our In-Person Coaching Program, is aimed at walking people through The Align Method and equipping them to be PainSmart.

To achieve this aim in our Online Coaching Program, we focus on relationship, evaluation, feedback, and program adaptation.

Your ONLINE Journey with  Align...

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Online ConsultationEvery client begins their journey with a free consultation done via a Zoom Meeting where we listen to your story, evaluate your body and needs, explain what your journey needs to look like, and answer any questions about the program you have.

This is where the relationship begins.

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Starting Evaluation

The next step in your journey is a New Client Evaluation done via a Zoom Meeting. In your New Client Evaluation, we will take your complete health history, evaluate, and document your posture, joint range of motions, and neuromuscular patterns to identify all the ways your body isn’t working optimally. We will also introduce you to our coaching platform.

Additionally, in your New Client Evaluation, we discuss what your workout situation will be and curate a custom equipment list for you. This appointment takes 60-90 minutes and is a $175 investment.

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We Get To Work

You begin your journey with Align in the Online Coaching Program. Your coach will design your movement prescriptions and they will be delivered directly to your phone, tablet, or laptop daily. On average, our clients devote 1 hour, 3-5 days per week to their journey with us.

Your movement prescriptions will come with highly specific instructions on the number of repetitions and sets to perform, how long you should rest, what weight or resistance you should use, and what muscles and areas you should and should not be feeling the movement in. Your movement prescriptions also come with a demonstration and explanation video so you see, hear, and read all you need to know about the movement in order to do it properly.

Your coach will review your progress weekly, answer all your questions, and ensure you are progressing. As you work through your movement prescriptions, your coach will ask you to leave feedback on each individual exercise so you and we know it’s going exactly as it should. If you or your coach have any concerns a movement isn’t being done properly, you can quickly send your coach a video of yourself doing the movement for feedback.

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Follow-up Evaluations

Online Follow Up EvaluationTo Ensure We Are On Course & Progressing: Your journey with us is aimed at walking you through The Align Method, which has the three distinct phases of Mobility, Stability, & Strength.

Aside from your New Client Evaluation, your coach will schedule additional Follow-Up Evaluations with you at the beginning and end of each phase. Each phase takes approximately 2-6 weeks to walk through if a client is diligent in their work.

The purpose of these Follow-Up Evaluations at the beginning and end of each phase is to ensure you are doing the movements correctly and to confirm your body has adapted and progressed completely before moving to the next phase of the journey.


New Client Evaluation Process - This includes your New-Client Evaluation as well as your Follow-Up Evaluations. A $175 investment.

The Align Online Program - This includes your 3-5 days per week and your relationship with your coach and our team. $250 per month. Month-to-month, no contracts.

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