In Person Coaching

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Our In-Person Coaching Program is aimed at walking you through The Align Method and equipping you to be PainSmart.

To achieve that we focus on relationship, evaluation, feedback, and program adaptation.

Your In-Person Journey with  Align...

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Every client begins their journey with a free consultation where we listen to your story, evaluate your body and needs, explain what your journey needs to look like, and answer any questions.

In Person Consultation

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New Client Evaluation Process

The next step in your journey is a New Client Evaluation. In your New Client Evaluation, we evaluate, and document, your posture, joint range of motions, and neuromuscular patterns to identify all the ways your body isn’t working optimally.

Additionally, we will take a complete health history, select your coach, establish your regular schedule, and schedule your 8-12 Week Follow Up Evaluation. This appointment takes about an hour.

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We Get To Work

Generally, In-Person Align Clients come into the gym 3-5 days a week. This is how it works:

Coached Days - Two days per week you will be doing individualized, hands-on work directly with your coach in a small group setting, typically 2-4 people.

Independent Days - The other two-three days per week your coach will have you come into the gym for prescribed, independent work. These additional sessions speed up your progress so we like our clients to get as many as possible. We like our clients to come in-house for these sessions, especially in the beginning of their journey, so we can observe and make sure everything is going perfectly. Once you have been cleared, these routines can often be done at home.

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8-12 Week Follow-up Evaluation

To ensure we are on the right track, we do an 8-12 Week Follow Up Evaluation. Essentially we will duplicate your initial New Client Evaluation by taking posture photos, joint range of motion metrics, gait analysis, etc. and we compare the two data sets.

In Person Follow Up Evaluation

This demonstrates how far you have come in your time with us so far as well as gives us a built in check-point if any course corrections are needed.



New Client Evaluation Process - This includes your New-Client Evaluation as well as your 8-12 Week Follow-Up Evaluation. A $175 investment.

The Align In-House Program - This includes your 3-5 days per week and your relationship with your coach and our team. $320 per month. Month-to-month, no contracts. Your first month is pro-rated based on your Start Date.