Marijo's Story - A Knee Pain Journey

Before I came here, I had a severe knee pain and I was always an active individual. I never gave it any thought to go from point a to B up downstairs. My job required, physical, enthusiasm. And, I had an injury and it nothing helped. And I became, I walked, badly. I couldn't go up and down stairs. Normally I had take them one at a time. I wasn't motivated to do a lot of physical things because it was painful all the time. And, I tried to tough it through mentally, but I wasn't doing anything. And as that was unsuccessful, it all became heavier and heavier and heavier. And I was heavier in my weight also. So it was like a whole dark cloud that was just pushing down on me. And I was trying, and I didn't see a way out.

And I had a friend tell me about this place called Align. And I said, well, I'll give him a call. And I left a message. And then this guy, Matt called me back and he said, why don't you come see me? And I did. And it was pretty amazing because I had trepidation coming in because it's like, wait, what are they going to do for me? I had no idea. And you simplified it and put steps to it and gave me a hope that I didn't feel previously coming here and going through the process, getting the tools and they tune into what your issues are. I had no idea what these exercises I've been at. I was an athlete in high school. I did spin classes. I was a physical person, like I said previously, but nothing was impacting my pain or changing it.

And there was insight from this place. It was like, okay, just do what I'm asking you to do. And it was like, how is this in my mind? I'm thinking, how is this going to help? But every time I came in, every time I followed the, the advice, the, the encouragement change happens and it, it, and it was like, one moment you turn around and you say, how did I get here? I'm walking. I'm going up the stairs. I'm going down a stair. I'm not thinking about it. It's natural. I'm back in my life. I'm going places. I have the freedom that I previously did not have. And it's like, now it is a little bit like sunshine. The weight that dark cloud is gone and it's like, I have my independence back. And then the, the weight thing, the encouragement there, the, the mental aspect of what women go through when it comes to their body image and what they eat and the chastisement in your own mind, you don't need anyone to tell you, oh, you're doing it wrong. You already feel like you're doing wrong. You need somebody to say, it's okay to make a mistake, stay with it and get the right tools to be successful. And that's the, that's the positive part because your mind sometimes takes you to places that it shouldn't go and you need some advice. You need somebody that you can trust. And that's what this place does. It knows you. And it cares about you.