Holistic Health Management

What is Align? 


The Gym That Focuses On People In Pain

We believe in fixing problems, not chasing symptoms.

We focus on The 4 Root Causes of Joint Pain.

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We call this approach The Align Method.

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The Align Method

We have simplified a wide-range of holistic sciences into a simple set of Rules & Steps designed to get you out of pain, get you strong and flexible, and help you get control of food.

Rule 1: Proper Posture Decreases Joint Stresses & Painful Inflammation

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How It Works: Poor posture creates degeneration, instability, impingement, and inflammation. Fixing this first gets you out of pain and decreases your risk of future injuries.

Rule 2: Flexibility Creates Resilience To Injury, Inflammation, & Degeneration

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How It Works: Flexible joints and muscles are capable of moving and stretching with ease. When your joints are rigid you have degeneration, instability, impingement, and inflammation.

Rule 3: Strong Joints Hurt Less & Make Moving Easier

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How It Works: The stronger you are the less you hurt, and the easier life is.

Rule 4: Think Healthy, Eat Healthy, Be Healthy

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How It Works: If you put garbage in, you will feel and look like garbage.

Join the thousands of people who’ve taken back their life with Align.