Donna's Story- Strength & Stability

Donna and Her Family

Before Align

In 2016, after recovering from a stress fracture in my right upper tibia, I was released by my doctor to resume weight bearing exercise. I wanted to continue with my 3-5 days/week 4-mile power walks, but at the same time was interested in adding exercises to increase my muscle strength. I knew nothing about working with weights so I decided to seek some assistance. 

I searched many gyms in the area and landed at Align. After my consultation with Matthew, I was convinced that my new adventure into the land of trap bars and machines equipped with weights and pulleys was best led by someone who came highly recommended, had conquered a harrowing physical struggle of his own, and possessed an energy that captured my interest. I wanted to be a part of what he was offering.

Life At Align

Five years later, I am convinced that joining Align was one of the best decisions of my life! There is no better feeling than working hard and having it pay off. I’m stronger than I ever thought imaginable. I’ve discovered muscles I didn’t know I had. I’ve come to appreciate and reap the benefits of temporary soreness knowing that it means I’m getting closer to reaching a new level. I repeatedly say to myself, ‘Muscles don’t get stronger if you just think about exercising!’ So, I show up. I join my class and workout on my independent days as often as I can, aiming for 4 days per week.

I firmly believe that the secret ingredient to my achievement is the staff at Align. Their ability to focus on what each client needs and is capable of, and instruct each of us with simultaneous ease is remarkable. Each trainer coaches in the Align way, while adding their own unique style and inspiration. Their level of expertise, their interest in each and every client, and their infinite knowledge of different exercise combinations makes each day an adventure. And last but not least, there’s great music, camaraderie among clients, and lots of laughter! 

Unexpected Changes

When Align moved to online training due to COVID restrictions in March of 2020, I was determined to maintain my fitness level by working out at home and adding bicycle rides to my power walking regimen. Unfortunately, in April I fell off my bicycle and broke my right radius. Off to surgery I went to repair my bone and gain some new embedded stabilizing hardware. I faced sheltering in place without the benefit of any meaningful exercise. I was not a happy camper!

During my recovery Align kept tabs on my progress, motivating me toward the future. When the gym reopened and I could joyously return, I was a few short weeks from completing physical therapy. My coach reached out to my physical therapist to discuss my condition and prognosis.

He worked with me to regain my strength, flexibility, and confidence. With his guidance and excellent coaching, I’ve steadily improved over the last eighteen months. I’m even able to do a handstand again! Did I think it was possible? NO. Did Align help me make it happen? YES.

Pass It On

I encourage anyone in physical distress to give Align a try. Schedule an evaluation. Let them explore options that you may have not yet considered in your “I want to live a better life” journey. I know from first-hand experience that if you are willing to work hard, they can help make “miracles” happen!