Ashlee's Story - A Shoulder Injury Journey

Ashlee ready to lift weights

“Before Align I was working out regularly until I tore my right labrum and rotator cuff in my shoulder. I had severely restricted mobility, severe pain, and was unable to work out anymore. I couldn’t sleep because of ever increasing pain and started feeling depressed because of my lack of physical activity. I’m a physician so knew I would probably need a surgery to correct it, but I was willing to try anything to avoid it. I tried a less conventional plan and lost nothing but gained everything!”

Before Align

“I grew up playing sports and doing gymnastics. When I was 17, I tore my right labrum and rotator cuff in my shoulder and had a surgical repair. I continued sports and exercise regularly until 2017 when I re-injured the shoulder and was unable to do much of anything. I’m a physician in the Neonatal ICU. That means I spend long hours at work doing whatever needs to be done to help those babies. Having constant shoulder pain made that so much harder. Also, I love to travel but the pain stole so much of the joy from my trips.

I was 100% certain I would need another surgery but was willing to try anything to avoid it. I tried Platelet Rich Plasma injections and began training at Align.”

Life Now

“Amazing! The combo of PRP & training at Align has made a life changing difference for me. My mobility is better than it was pre-injury. My pain is gone. I’m back to all of my activities with no problems and I’m stronger than ever! Building my strength back has really helped with my self-confidence and I’m doing things I never thought I would be able to do again without having a big surgery. It’s amazing!

For me, I love that it’s a community of people working to get out of pain and stay pain free. My time there is very personalized. I get exactly what I need.”
ladies with bikes held in air

Giving Advice

“If I was giving advice to a friend who was in pain it would be this, ‘It’s worth a try! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!’”