Debbie's Story- Neck & Knee Pain Journey

Debbie riding her horse

Before Align

“I struggled with neck pain, headaches and dizziness to the point of nausea, almost passing out and not being able to function. This could last 3-5 days depending on what I had done the last few days. I loved gardening, painting and other activities requiring me to look up and work overhead. This led to more headaches and dizziness. In turn, I had to really limit the activities I loved so much.”

“I also struggled with pain in my knees. At one point I could not walk more than a block without shooting pain. I certainly would not consider running anywhere. Stairs and walking downhill were especially difficult. I have horses and 10 acres of property and sometimes the pain in my knees would limit my riding time and walks on my property. I really thought I would need to have knee replacements in both knees to be able to have somewhat normal use again. And then there's the hip pain. I was just a mess all over!”

“I worked in construction, and was very active with softball, hiking, running, and exercise workouts. My life was very physically demanding on every level. I felt like I never had great knees to start with. During activity I would wrap them and push through what I was doing because I loved what I did."

"I never had good instruction on exercising properly. With what I know now from Align, I was doing exercises wrong throughout my self made programs and workout videos. I was being so hard on my body and not fixing the root cause of my pain- I was just trying to push through it.”

Why Did You Choose Align?

“I really thought knee surgery was the only answer and didn't think anything could help my neck and headache issues except my chiropractor visits. I did try a very expensive injection in each knee, which I think helped a little, but it wasn't what I needed to be better. Visits to the chiropractor were helpful but short lived. The pain would always return and I still had to limit my activities. My friends shared their experiences at Align- it had been life changing for both of them. It was time to go in and have a conversation with a coach.”

What Do You Love About Align?

“It works! It's systematic, easy to follow, and personalized. I can take my programs on the road, or do it at home, the flexibility of when and where is fantastic.  And did I mention, IT WORKS!! I really love the commitment of personalized coaching. If I need special attention in an area, I have what my body needs.”

Life Now

"My results have been amazing! No more neck pain, headaches or dizziness.  Now after less than a year I can walk as far as I want, even run, with no knee pain. I can enjoy the hills on our property without worrying about not being able to walk the next day."

"I now have the tools (stretches & exercises) to use when something isn't feeling quite right. I am doing things I thought I would never be able to do again. I don't feel I need to be as careful or concerned with certain activities that would cause me pain before. I can just enjoy my life."

Pass It On

"Follow the program, it will change your life. Be consistent. I am a firm believer in, you get out what you put in. Don't give up. It may seem like slow going sometimes or repetitive, but you will see results if you are consistent and persevere."