Our Story

My name is Matthew Lister. I’m the Founder of Align. I created Align after a decade in severe chronic back pain. My original injury took place exercising incorrectly in my high school PE class. I fractured my spine in 3 places, tore a disc, and damaged nerves coming out of my spine. This left me with a complex web of some very serious issues to sort out and found the specialized medical system unable to truly help me. I had pain from the fractures, pain from the torn disc, pain from the nerve issues, and severe muscle spasms. The pain created depression and poor nutritional choices, which creates a feedback loop making the original pain worse. The downward spiral set in. I came to realize that chronic health issues have layers of contributing factors that are best looked at through a holistic perspective because each variable interacts and influences every other variable. There is no magic bullet, no magic strategy, no guru that could “fix me”. My complex health issue required a range of therapies, from alternative to traditional, including massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, neuromuscular retraining, strength and conditioning, nutritional therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, cortisone injections, and a multi-level spinal fusion. Without each of these contributing to the whole, I could never have regained my freedom from the chronic pain that sucked the joy out of my work and relationships for over a decade.

After ten very long years in severe chronic pain, I made it out. Today I am pain free and spend my time running through the mountains, playing with my amazing wife and kids, and working to help other people who like me want to gain control of their health but feel lost. It was this journey that is at the heart of what Align is. 

Align believes in helping people with the hardest issues achieve freedom and gain control over their health by taking a holistic approach. We believe that humans are complex and that if we are going to honor the people who trust us to help them, we have to look at the whole person. That means we utilize a range of sciences including neuromuscular retraining, myofascial release, massage, chiropractic, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and cognitive behavioral therapy. We bring the best sciences to bear on our communities’ toughest problems. To do any less would not be honoring to those in who entrust us with their health.

Matthew Lister, Founder of Align 

Matthew Lister