Focused Intensity Required

Get Control Of Food

Step 1: Have Focused Intensity.

Winning with food is not an intellectual problem. You can’t solve it purely with an intellectual solution. You must have a burning desire to succeed, a dedication to the process, trust in your coach, and the patience for some trial and error. We call this mindset Focused Intensity. Here’s the Four Traits For Focused Intensity:

  1. A burning desire to succeed.

  2. A dedication to the process.

  3. Trust in your coach.

  4. Patience for some trial and error.

We need to unpack each of these so you understand the critical importance of each. Without ALL Four Traits For Focused Intensity, your likelihood of success goes down dramatically. Your coach can’t do these things for you. They can remind you to be aware of them, to cultivate them, to spend timethinking about them, but they can’t do this part for you.

A Burning Desire To Succeed

Without a burning desire to succeed, you won’t have the emotional stamina to make the necessary sacrifices required to have something as substantial as a healthy body and lifestyle. A healthy body andlifestyle isn’t something you can buy. You must earn it. You must pay a price to have it. You are notentitled to it. We live in culture that is selling, influencing, and enabling unhealthy behavior. You are neither entitled to a healthy body and lifestyle or statistically likely to have it. YOU MUST EARN IT. You must have a powerful feeling inside you that is dying to get out. You have to be SICK AND TIREDOF BEING SICK AND TIRED to quote Dave Ramsey. You must say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I’m tired offeeling terrible. I deserve something more. Once you have a burning desire to succeed, you are one giant step closer to success.

A Dedication To The Process

If you are going to succeed you must realize that YOUR plan hasn’t been working. Your way of doing things hasn’t produced the results you wanted. Which means you need a new plan. You need a betterplan. This step requires a bit of humility and surrender, two words not often used in our society. Youneed to be dedicated to the process because you can’t see clearly how all the different pieces interact with each other. You can’t see the big picture of your transformation. You can’t see what must comefirst, what you’re ready for, what you’re not ready for. If you could, you would already be achieving theresults you want in your life. See what I mean about humility and surrender. You must enter into this with a spirit of curious exploration and the desire for deepened self-awareness and self-control.

Trust In Your Coach

If you are going to succeed, you must trust in your coach. You must seek their guidance. You must actively and openly come to them with your problems and concerns. Never think that you are whining.We are here as your guide. If we don’t know about your challenges, we can’t help you solve them. If you don’t trust your coach, you won’t follow the program. If you don’t follow the program, your chances of success are exactly ZERO. I will say that again, your distrust will absolutely guarantee you fail. Trust your Coach. Trust the Process. If you walk with a spirit of trust and humility, you greatly increase your chances of success.

Patience For Some Trial And Error

If you are going to succeed, you must be patient. You may not be on the right nutrition plan immediately. You may unearth psychological issues mid-way through your journey that take 6 months to process with a counselor. You may go on vacation and get off track for 2 weeks. You must walk through this process with a long-term mindset and with a spirit of patience. Any long journey, especially as complex of a journey as this, will inevitably have hiccups, set back, detours, and road blocks. The key is not giving up. If you are going through a family hardship or injury set back and are treading water on the food side of things, tell yourself staying exactly where you are is better than taking 5 steps backwards by losing it and going off the rails. Sometimes maintaining is success. Sometimes just slowing the backslide is success. Life is hard. This process is hard. Be patient withyourself and your journey. If you don’t, you ensure your own failure.

Matthew Lister