Holistic Health Management

Rule #4

Think Healthy, Eat Healthy, Be Healthy

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How It Works

Your nutrition is the foundation of your health. If you are putting garbage in, you will feel and look like garbage. If you are putting in healthy, whole, energy dense food, you will feel healthy, whole, and energetic. I’m not telling you anything new there. You know that. Execution is the trick. Changing behavior is the challenge. That’s what Rule #4 is all about. Behavior modification and systematic problem solving will allow you to win with food. It’s not easy. But it’s worth it.

Rule Four Steps:

1.     Have Focused Intensity.

2.     Get On A Written Plan & Accountability Structure. 

3.     Work The Three-Level Problem Solving Process. 

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What’s life like with/without Rule #4?

Without Rule #4: You are exhausted. Your stomach hurts. You feel depressed and unmotivated. You have sugar cravings daily. You can’t even imagine what life would be like to feel motivated, energetic, and happy. You develop “unrelated” health issues like anxiety, depression, obesity, diabetes, thyroid disease, acid reflux, high blood pressure, metabolic syndromes, and inflammatory diseases. You see your health going in a downward spiral. And when you try to diet, you do so with a mindset of restriction and short-term thinking.

With Rule #4: You eat good because you want to feel good. Food is defined as “good” and “bad” by how it makes you feel, not by its taste. This means you never feel restricted. You can eat whatever you want. It’s merely a matter of how you want to feel and look afterwards. And you love feeling energized and healthy.