Holistic Health Management

Rule #3

Strong Joints Hurt Less & Make Moving Easier

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How It Works

When all your muscles are strong, especially the stabilizers, your joints are stable and the load of movement is distributed equally through your muscle systems and evenly over your joint surfaces. Being strong also makes living easier. Climbing stairs, getting off the floor, carrying groceries, flinging grandkids into the air, all of these things require strength. The stronger you are, the easier life is.

Rule Three Steps:

1.     Form First. Bad form increases risk and cements muscular imbalances. 

2.     Strengthen only the weak muscles first. 

3.     Progress through the baby steps and do things you never thought possible. 

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What’s Life Like With/Without Rule #3?

Without Rule #3: Every obstacle looks insurmountable and painful. A flight of stairs, getting off the floor, walking long distances, simple daily activities are out of the question. You become a prisoner inside your own body and the things that bring you joy are stripped away from you one activity at a time.

With Rule #3: You can move and live your life with ease. Your body becomes your tool for making memories.