Holistic Health Management

Rule #1

Proper Posture Decreases Joint Stresses & Painful Inflammation

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How It Works

Your posture and movements are dictated by a tug of war between opposing muscle groups. When that tug of war gets unbalanced you create joint impingements, painful frictions, and joint stress. Starting with Rule #1 gets you out of pain and decreases your chance for injury.

Rule One Steps:

1. Relax tense muscles. 

2. Activate atrophied muscles. 

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What’s Life Like With/Without Rule #1?

Without Rule #1: Movement hurts. Your body is literally breaking the laws of physics and is making every movement painful and damaging. You can’t stand for long periods of time without your back hurting. You can’t sit for long periods without your neck hurting. Every time you try to “do the right thing” and exercise you end up injured.

With Rule #1: Movement feels good. It’s easy to stand, walk, climb stairs, and exercise without damaging your joints. You can do your daily activities without feeling like you're weighted down. Life is easy.