rita panike


Rita Panike


Rita Panike’s Align story started as a client with severe back pain. She was told by her doctors to accept her debilitating chronic pain and that she should accept that she will be confined to a wheel chair at some point in the near future. Being a person that never gives up, she continued to seek answers. After more than two years into her Align journey, she was pain free, running more than 6 miles at a time, and deadlifting 150 pounds. It was at that point that Matthew recruited her to put her 25+ years of highly successful Business Administration, Strategic Planning, and Finance background to work for Align. In her words, “Align gave me my life back. I want Align to be able to do the same for so many more people, which is why I decided to come onboard. Now I get to watch others experience what I experienced, it doesn't get any sweeter than that!” As Chief Operating Officer, Rita’s job is facilitate Aligns long term strategic planning and to manage the execution and operations of Align to ensure we achieve both our business and social impact goals.