Holistic Health Management

Your Align Experience

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STEP 1: Your Evaluation

You begin your Align Experience with Your Evaluation. We evaluate how The 4 Root Causes are wreaking havoc in your life. Specifically, we are evaluating your Posture, Flexibility, Strength, & Nutrition.

STEP 2: Establish Your Align Schedule

3-4 Hours Per Week To Get You Out Of Pain, Get You Strong And Flexible, And Get Control Of Food.

Strength & Nutrition Days

2 Days per Week, 1 Hour Long: These are the days where your Strength & Nutrition Coach will be taking you through your strength movements, your nutrition coaching, and your weekly weigh-ins.

Therapeutics & Cardio Days

2 Days per Week, 1 Hour Long: This is dedicated time and focus for your Therapeutic Exercises & Cardio Work independent from your coach.