Fix Posture

Poor posture is a weakness through muscles along your spine and hips. We focus on evaluating which muscles are too weak and which muscles are too tight. Then we correct those muscular imbalances in order to get your body functioning the way it should. 

Mechanical Pain Diagnostics

The body is supposed to work a certain way. Align Trainers evaluate to determine where youre body is dysfunctional and why. We then create a treatment plan to restore your body back to its functional state. 

Exercising Despite Known Injuries

Our passion is helping those who have unique challenges. Our unique background allows us to get results where others are afraid to go. Some of the challenges our clients face are torn and degenerative discs, complete pelvic reconstructions, central nervous system injuries, and torn ligaments and tendons. 

Tailored Exercise Progression

Align Trainers specialize in evaluating the unique capabilities of each person and the next step to improving their functionality. We help people become more functional. Our clients goals range from recovering from a spinal fusion, restoring ability to walk after years of deconditioning, or taking their fitness to the next level. 



Strength & Fitness

Strength and Fitness is the cornerstone of feeling capable and healthy. Paired with the Posture and Tailored Exercise Progression components, Align gets people stronger and more fit than they ever thought possible. 


Installing A Healthy Lifestyle

We believe most people should NOT be on a diet. We believe installing a healthy lifestyle, everything from nutritional habits to mental mindsets, is where most people need to focus. The funny part lose fat and build muscle when you make real lifestyle changes. Align Trainers educate their clients on the WHAT TO DO and help them implement the HOW TO DO IT. 


Technical Nutrition

For those who have destroyed their metabolism from years of dieting, the technical nutrition coaching at Align is the custom, science based approach that allows them not only to lose weight, but to adjust their metabolism for the long term to keep it off.  

Fostering A Self Defined Why

Having a powerful, tangible WHY behind your actions to get healthy is just as important as having the WHAT TO DO and the HOW TO DO IT. If you don't have a mission, a purpose, and a clear vision for WHY you want to get healthy, you will fail every time. Align Trainers understand this, and help their clients develop their WHY and connect to it.