Holistic Health Management

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How did Align get started?

Matthew Lister founded Align after a decade in severe chronic back pain. His original injury took place exercising in a high school PE class. He fractured his spine in 3 places, tore a disc, and damaged nerves coming out of his spine. This left him with a complex web of some very serious issues to sort out and found the specialized medical system unable to truly help. In his words, “I had pain from the fractures, pain from the torn disc, pain from the nerve issues, and severe muscle spasms. The pain created depression and poor nutritional choices, which creates a feedback loop making the original pain worse. The downward spiral set in. I came to realize that chronic health issues have layers of contributing factors that are best looked at through a holistic perspective because each variable interacts and influences every other variable. There is no magic bullet, one magic strategy, or one guru that could “fix me”. My complex health issue required a range of therapies, from alternative to traditional, including massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, neuromuscular retraining, strength and conditioning, nutritional therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, cortisone injections, and a multi-level spinal fusion. Without each of these contributing to the whole, I could never have regained my freedom from the chronic pain that sucked the joy out of my work and relationships for over a decade. After ten very long years in severe chronic pain, I made it out. Today I am pain free and spend my time running, playing with my amazing wife and kids, and working to help other gain control of their health and get out of pain.” It was this journey that was the foundation from Align was built.

2. What are your hours?

We have times available every hour from 5:30am to 6:30pm. To nail down a specific day/time schedule a free consultation, so we can evaluate your situation and look at our availability.

3. Do you take insurance?

No. We don’t take insurance. Insurance companies only cover pills, surgeries, and quick fixes. That’s not who we are. If we did accept insurance, we would be forced into looking at the body in a compartmentalized way, as opposed to our holistic perspective. Essentially, by accepting insurance we would be compromising on our ability to help people. That is not something that we are willing to do.

4. Can I pay for Align with my HSA?

Absolutely. Health Savings Accounts(HSA’s) are a tax-advantaged way to pay for your Align Membership.

5. What is the price?

This information is in our Program Tour video on our homepage.

6. What are the credentials of the Align team?

The Align Team is a highly and uniquely qualified set of therapists/trainers that have backgrounds ranging from neuromuscular retraining, certified massage therapist, corrective exercise specialist, and strength and conditioning coaches. To put it simply, all our coaches have spent their entire professional career developing their ability to evaluate and correct biomechanical problems.

7. What does Holistic Health Management mean?

We understand that pain is always multi-factorial. That means that your biomechanics, your structural issues, your nutrition, and your psychology are all going to play a part in your unique pain situation. We look at, and focus on treating, the whole person. That is the Align Method.

8. How do you guys help with nutrition?

We focus on helping our clients make lasting changes toward healthy lifestyle eating. We don’t give our clients crash diets or ask them to buy pre-packaged foods. We develop a custom nutrition plan complete with recipe and lifestyle support. We problem solve with our clients to make changes to their nutritional choices that are manageable and lasting.

9. How long do people stay at Align?

Align is a month to month membership. That means you can leave at any point. Some of our clients use us as a “solution shop” where they come to get pain free and then go off to manage their situation on their own. Most Align clients use Align as “Holistic Health Management”. They manage their posture, flexibility, strength, and nutrition with us as their long-term guides and mentors, often staying with us for years. Either of those situations are fine with us. We exist to impact lives and help people in pain. That’s what matters to us.