Allison Corriea


Allison Corriea


Allison Corriea graduated from Chico State University with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Movement Studies and a Minor in Coaching and Administration. She was trained in The Align Method at Align Chico. Additionally, she holds multiple personal training and coaching certifications as well the unique experience of being a physical therapy aid. Allison has special interests in Sacroiliac Dysfunction and nutritional intervention. Her passion is bringing her experience in the holistic sciences to real people’s lives. She says, “I love people and want to make a real difference and impact in their lives. Helping as many people as I can is my life goal.”


Certified in The Align Method

Bachelors / Kinesiology / Chico State University

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

CIF Certified Coach

CPR/AED Certified